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Rough sleeping figures in Costa Blanca ‘worrying’

ORGANISATIONS representing homeless people in Alicante have announced that there are 195 people sleeping rough on the city’s streets.

One of their demands is that local social housing policy is improved in order to provide solutions to the problems of homeless people in general.

The report has been made by the Homeless Meet Up campaign, which is part of a European movement aimed at eradicating homelessness by 2020.

During three days of campaigning, 182 volunteers toured 33 areas of Alicante City, locating the people who sleep on the street and interviewing them.

This is the most exhaustive study that has been done so far on the situation of homeless people in the city and in the opinion of those responsible, the figures are ‘worrying’.

They found that 20 per cent have been living on the streets for more than five years. Around 42 per cent of those questioned said they had been the victims of aggressive behaviour, both verbal and physical.

Fidel Romeo, a spokesperson for the campaign organisers said: “The more time a person spends on the street, the more difficult it is for them to escape from such a lifestyle.

If they spend six months without a home, it can be three years to leave the streets. It just makes it harder and harder for people to return to any form of normal life.”

The survey found that 91 per cent of people using Alicante City’s streets as their homes are men and the average age is 47.

It was discovered that 30 per cent originate from Alicante, 30 per cent from other parts of Spain and the remaining 40 per cent from other countries.

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