Students to take part in Earth Hour in Benidorm

STUDENTS: From Elian’s British School.

STUDENTS at Elian’s British School have always supported various charities and raised thousands of euros over the years.

This year, they are concentrating on environmental issues and have set up a ‘Green Team’ made up of students from Year 4 to Year 13.

The team has already been busy emailing hotels, bars and restaurants in Benidorm, asking them to join in this year’s Earth Hour, an initiative from WWF to help raise awareness about global warming and the impact on the local environment.

Their aim is to have the whole of Benidorm turn their lights off for one hour on Saturday evening at 8.30pm.

If this happens, the Earth Hour team hope to add footage of Benidorm to their promotional video for 2019, alongside London, Hong Kong and many famous landmarks around the world so they are asking everyone, especially those who live, work or own a business in the area to join in.

The other major project the team from Elian’s will be undertaking this year is to create a Bee Garden close to the school with the help of La Nucia Council to help the millions of bees that are killed each year by harmful pesticides.

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