Taken for mugs

THE British electorate, are constantly cheated, scorned and taken for fools by their self-styled lords and masters.

The latest insult is a peer’s impudent demand that the retired elderly should do community work or lose their pensions. Lord Bichard, or Baron Bichard to you serfs, has never been employed in a proper job.

A career politician, he retired at 54 after a lifetime spent in local government. Bichard’s family background and his personal life are off the radar.

Another of your betters is Professor Martin Weale who said the peer ‘makes an interesting point.’

This number-crunching parasite is a member of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee.

When it was suggested to the peer that it might be difficult to sell the idea to the plebs the baron sneered, “It was difficult to sell education tuition fees to them too.”

The General Secretary of the National Pensioners Convention says: “His suggestion amounts to little more than national service for the over 60’s and is absolutely outrageous.”

Dot Gibson adds, “Those who have paid their national insurance contributions for 30 or more years are entitled to receive their state pension and there should be no attempt to put further barriers in their way.

We already have one of the lowest state pensions in Europe and one in five older people in Britain live below the poverty line.”

Baron Bichard says “Older people should lose their pensions if they refuse to do community work, to stop them being a negative burden on society. The elderly should get rewards and fines to make sure they are taking a more active part in the world.”

Presumably, such conscripted labour will wait hand and foot on illegal immigrants in refugee hostels.

The less able can knit their woollies for them. The brazen toff suggested the same tough attitude towards benefit scroungers should be taken with the elderly retired.

He forgets that the most brazen benefit bandits infest parliament and the so-called Lords. With considerable chutzpah he adds, “We’re prepared to say to people if you’re not looking for work, you don’t get a benefit. If you’re old and you’re not contributing in some way, maybe there should be some penalty attached to that. These debates never seem to take place.”

Let the words of James Larkin sink in: “The great only appear great because we are on our knees. Let us rise.”

Larkin, an Irish revolutionary, died in 1947. Obviously, we plebeians took not a blind bit of notice. Still on our knees, are we not deserving of our miserable existence.

Our fate is self-inflicted; we could change it but we won’t. Unsurprisingly, those who consider us steerage class keep spitting into our faces.

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