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Three arrested for theft of luxury watches in Marbella

A MAN and two women aged between 22 and 30 of Romanian nationality have been arrested in Marbella for stealing luxury watches valued at a total of €44,000.

National Police have revealed that investigations indicate there were four robberies in Marbella and one each in Torremolinos and Malaga city.

The technique of the crimes is known as “affectionate” theft, where the robbers pretend to know the victims or ask them for a favour in a friendly way to get close to them before pick pocketing jewellery.

They may also pretend to be gathering signatures and donations for a charity, or even offer sexual favours.

Officers intercepted a car in which two of the thieves were making a getaway from Puerto Banus, while a third was apprehended in a shopping district of Marbella.

Three mobile phones have been confiscated, along with clothing and documents, and the case has been referred to the courts.

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