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Tourist ‘drugged and raped’ on the Costa del Sol

THE National Police is investigating an alleged rape of a Swedish woman in Fuengirola, who may have been spiked with drugs.

According to the victim, she lost consciousness and on recovering realised that she was being sexually assaulted.

The woman was transferred to the Costa del Sol Hospital where protocols were activated for cases that show signs of chemical interference.

Investigations are now being led by the Family and Women’s Care Unit (UFAM), who are looking into the victim’s account of waking up completely naked in a stranger’s apartment.

The woman, a Swedish tourist, had gone out with friends on Monday night for dinner, and afterwards decided to have a final drink in a bar on her own.

From then on, everything for her is a blur and she remembers nothing of how she ended up in a stranger’s flat when she was supposed to be staying in a hotel.

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