Two men arrested in connection with Costa del Sol rape case

UNDER SUSPICION: The detainees face intense questioning

THE National Police have arrested a young man of Indian nationality in relation to the rape case of the Swedish woman in Fuengirola who claimed she had been drugged in a bar.

Another man of the same nationality has also been detained who was allegedly in the room where the victim was abused.

The Superior Court of Justice of Andalucia has ruled that the suspect be incarcerated without bail.

Laboratory and forensic tests are underway to determine if the second man had any involvement in the sexual assault, and his passport has been confiscated.

The victim, a 40 year-old Swedish tourist, has also made a statement in court and provided all other necessary evidence.

She has returned to Sweden and is not obligated to attend the trial.

The woman had gone to the police station after waking up being reportedly raped in a stranger’s apartment.

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