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Uproar at loss of local ambulance in Costa Blanca

ONCE again, the municipality of San Fulgencio – that includes Urbanisation La Marina – has incurred the wrath of many of its residents.

This time it’s a result of the sudden announcement that the local ambulance service has ceased because the contract terminated.

Many of the locals only learned of the demise of the service via a Facebook posting on the official town hall page.

Immediately, followers began to show their disgust and dissatisfaction at the absence of a vital local service, especially with Easter and the summer season around the corner that sees a major influx of tourists.

However, it appears that there are no plans to replace the service.

A statement from the San Fulgencio Town Hall, translated from Spanish, said: “We fully understand your concerns but we want to assure you that we are perfectly covered, just like the rest of the municipalities in the area.

“Calling 112 will see an ambulance sent from the nearest centre, probably Guardamar or Rojales, that can take just as long as it would take from the urbanisation or the village and will be just as effective as any ambulance is to cover an emergency.”

The statement has been ridiculed by one local resident who said, “When you need an ambulance, time is of the essence.

How can it be possible that one can arrive from outside the area faster than one from within the municipality?”

A number of people are also up in arms as over a number of years many thousands of euros have been raised to equip and support the running of the local ambulance service.

Mayor of San Fulgencio Carlos Ramirez, commenting on the official Facebook page, said (translated from Spanish): “National laws passed three years ago say that a public service [such as an ambulance] cannot be duplicated [with a privately contracted service]. We carried on with it until we were allowed to.”

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