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Wanted fugitive arrested in Torrevieja

A 40-year-old Spanish man has been arrested in Torrevieja after almost four years on the run. 

An arrest warrant had been issued by a court in Palencia on the man back in 2014 after his alleged involvement in a string of thefts with force.

The man – detained by the Guardia Civil from Alicante – had an extensive criminal history and was released from prison in Spain in 2013.  He then moved into neighbouring Portugal to continue his criminal career.

After committing a number of crimes there, he then decided to return to Spain – specifically to Torrevieja – where he then carried out one further crime.

It came to light during this investigation that this was the same man wanted for arrest and imprisonment and so officers began to devote all their efforts to locating the fugitive.

They concentrated their efforts in Torrevieja and, following a series of complicated inquiries that included tracing the man’s relatives, a detailed search of the area was made.  However, his family and friends began to protect him and allegedly threatened any stranger that came by the house he was supposedly hiding away in.

He was eventually found and arrested, even though he tried to flee through a window and his partner went so far as attempting to attack the officers in the process.

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