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Alboran sea conference will make a splash

FUENGIROLA COUNCIL has announced that it is organising an Alboran Sea Conference with an international guest list.

The event will be held at the Peace Palace from September 13 to 16, and will focus on a range of issues related to the resources and sustainability of the Alboran Sea.

There are already 50 scientific experts who have confirmed they will attend, as well as 12 Michelin-starred chefs.

Mayor Ana Mula believes that the conference will be one of the most important events on the Costa del Sol this year, in a “meeting of sea, science and culture.”

It will be a real opportunity for Fuengirola to showcase itself on the national and international stage, and to promote itself as a leader of scientific and gastronomic development.

Moreover, local businesses and hotels will welcome the opportunity to promote themselves in a vibrant and global environment.

Mayor Mula commented: “We have always been more than just a sun and beach town, that’s why we have promoted so many different initiatives in the area.

“The council can now reveal that we are organising an international event that will place Fuengirola at the forefront of the scientific, nutritional and gastronomic scene.

“We are working hard to make our inaugural Alboran Sea Conference a success.”

Scientists from Spain, Morocco and Algeria, the three countries that surround the Alboran sea, have already been confirmed, and environmental ideas and topics will be explored in detail.

Michelin-starred chefs and other culinary connoisseurs will offer masterclasses and workshops, uniting traditional methods with modern flair.

The main objective of the gathering is to highlight concerns around the resources and degradation of waters, illegal fishing, marine ecosystems, waste dumping, deforestation and other environmental issues.

Professors, researchers and experts from a range of universities and professions will come together to find solutions for the sustainability of the Alboran sea.

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