Arsonists destroy Costa del Sol beach club

BEACH BLAZE: The club was damaged beyond repair by the fire ©National Police

OFFICERS from the National Police are investigating an attack on a beach club in Estepona which saw one of the security guards tied up and the premises set on fire.

A hooded gang burst into the establishment at about 3am on Sunday morning and beat one of the doormen, before dragging him outside.

Another member of the security staff at Heaven beach club in Guadalmansa managed to escape and raise the alarm.

Only two security guards were on the premises but the club had already closed to the public when a group of hooded men broke in.

After tying up the doorman, the gang beat him and stole his valuables before setting a mattress on fire.

By the time the emergency services arrived at the scene the building was burning strongly and despite efforts to tackle it the flames spread quickly and the premises were completely destroyed.

A police investigation is underway to apprehend those responsible.

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