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Benidorm draft plans to crackdown on ‘drunken and bad behaviour’

DRUNKEN and general bad behaviour in Benidorm could be a thing of the past.

This follows a set of 90 draft proposals from the City Council looking at ways to tackle a wide range of anti-social behaviour issues.

These also include the future use of public spaces, and clampdowns on begging and prostitution.

The days of finding young people stretched out across the pavements of certain areas of Benidorm after long drinking sessions are likely to come to an end. One of the options being considered are to fine the offenders, although the draft document doesn’t specify the amount of possible sanction.

In short, the document that came about following a proposal in the council from the Ciudadanos (Cs) political group is a “code of conduct.”

Cutting out drinking alcohol on the public highway is high among the priorities, and it makes no excuse about concentrating on the problems of British tourists in the well-known strip and adjoining areas.

Another of the sections is dedicated to street gambling that asks for the prohibition of “any games that involve bets with money or goods.”

This will particularly please those that see the ‘pea scam’ continually taking place along the beach front with apparent impunity. Insistent, intrusive and aggressive begging is also being targeted, which includes the growing number of car drivers being stopped at traffic lights and being expected to pay for unsolicited window-washing services.

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6 Replies to “Benidorm draft plans to crackdown on ‘drunken and bad behaviour’

  1. I understand that Cuidandnos are a relatively new political party in Spanish politics either at local or national level. As someone who has lived near Benidorm for many years it seems simplistic for them to seem to think that they can come up with solutions to an old age problem.There are no answers to the problem of groups of male/female coming to Benidorm for stag/hen parties. They come because the weather is great, the prices are great. They spend humoungous amounts of money in the local economy, bars, restaurants, and accommodation. The simple question. is, do they want these groups, stop the bars on the Levante beach front and the English Square from offering alcohol at crazy prices.Will that happen, I don’t think so. If the British stag/hen/carnival parties are no longer welcome in Benidorm then last person out turn the lights off. The number of Spanish pensioners who come to Benidorm in the winter on government sponsored holidays probably outnumber the British party goers but when it comes to their spend in the bars and restaurants just ask the bar/restaurant owners who they want. If anyone other the can come up with a solution to this problem let’s hear it.

    1. I agree some of the problems are caused by drunken brits,but the place is getting a bad reputation again because of the muggings and prostitutes.The pea men have been there forever and while people stop and take part they will carry on doing it.The Police station in the new town needs to open its been ready ages now.

  2. My wife and I have been visiting Benidorm for the last 30 years and find it a great place for a holiday, we personally haven’t seen any serious trouble, we always stay at the Hotel Castilla and find this Hotel relaxing for older people, we will be there again in late June.

  3. Lots of things to crack down on, begging, mugging and prostitution. Why is the police station for tourists in the new town not open yet. Drugs are a big problem too with the so called door men doing most of the supplying.

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