Bird of prey rescued from sea in Costa Blanca

SAVED: Booted eagle attacked by aggressive seagulls.

TWO local Javea residents have saved the life of a booted eagle that had been attacked by a flock of seagulls.

The bird of prey was rescued by the two young Spanish men while they were out in their boat.

Speaking to Spanish media, Carlos Andarias said that he and a friend were fishing in the area of Punta Plana – off the Cap de la Nau – and they were surprised to see so many seagulls in the area who were diving into the sea.

At first, they assumed that the gulls had found a shoal of tuna or other fish which is quite a common sight, but then they noticed another bird struggling in the water which turned out to be the booted eagle.

After the two men scared off the seagulls, Carlos then grabbed one of their fishing nets and managed to scoop the eagle from the water and bring it into the safety of their boat.

He immediately wrapped it up in his jacket and with his knowledge of wildlife knew straight away that they had a booted eagle in their care.

They quickly returned to port and called ahead to the Local Police to warn them of their arrival.

As they disembarked, the police took the bird, which was not hurt during the ordeal, and according to reports later released it on the Montgo.

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