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Costa Blanca camping crackdown spreads to more towns

A FEW weeks ago, Elche City Council announced that it was introducing tougher controls on the amount of illegal caravans and motor homes using public streets to camp.

Now others in the Marina Baixa region that have coastal areas under their control are starting to follow suit.

Every year from March, the Costa Blanca attracts a large number of ‘mobile tourists,’ many of whom shun the official camping sites and choose instead to spend their days and nights on or close to local beaches; something that, over a period of time the local councils have tried to combat.

Benidorm, Alfaz del Pi, Altea, Finestrat and Villajoyosa have particularly struggled with this annual influx, and have now resorted to implementing the law of the land that expressly prohibits parking of such vehicles in these areas.

In addition, they have also added a number of local by-laws that relate to specific points in the municipality.

In recent weeks, authorities in Benidorm have begun to warn people that have camped up illegally that they must move on or face fines.

In nearby Villajoyosa, the council has also started to take action with those caravans parked up at the mouth of the Rio Amadorio, with them also being asked to leave.

Despite notices prohibiting certain parking areas from being occupied by caravans and motor homes, they are ignored.

Regulations approved in 2015 by the Spanish Traffic Authority (DGT) state that these vehicles ‘can park up but they cannot camp.’

However, the interpretations of those laws vary from council to council, with some saying it’s wrong to evict this type of tourist and others stating that they must use an official car park or a campsite.

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