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Expat family in Spain launch €100,000 appeal for 10-year-old with brain tumour

THE FAMILY of a ten-year-old Costa Blanca boy who needs specialist radiotherapy in the United States has launched an urgent fundraising appeal to help pay for his treatment.

Little Nigel Watson has recently been diagnosed with an inoperable brainstem glioma. He has a tumour in his brain stem which means that not only is an operation not possible, chemotherapy is also out of the question and radiotherapy is the only treatment on offer which is by no means a cure for this terminal illness.

Mum Jackie, who runs the popular Bianco’s café bar in Centro Comercial Urbanisation La Marina, San Fulgencio, (Alicante) has found a clinic in America which has had amazing success with not just treating this but, they claim, totally curing it

So now she has started a mammoth fundraising campaign for the specialist treatment.

An online fundraising campaign has been set up (see link at foot of story) and Jackie is also calling on the community to help with events.

Speaking exclusively to the RTN newspaper she told how, in middle to late February 2018, she noticed some changes in Nigel’s eyes.

“The left eye starting to twitch, and the right eye was turning inwards.”

She also described how Nigel’s school in San Fulgencio had called her in for a meeting about Nigel and the changes that they had noticed such as his left hand going numb and him dropping his pens and pencils.

Jackie went on, “They also noticed that he was unsteady on his feet and when his teacher questioned him about it Nigel told them he was seeing double.”

After appointments with his doctor and an eye specialist, that found nothing wrong, Nigel was referred that same day to paediatrics to see if they could find anything with more tests.

Mum Jackie described how Nigel was sent for a scan of his head and within an hour the result was back.

She said, “A doctor and the nurse took me into a room away from Nigel, to sit me down and tell me that they had found a tumour.

“My eyes filled with tears, I couldn’t speak.

“All I could think was how could I face my little boy and tell him that everything was OK!

“My parents were in the hospital cafe waiting to hear if Nigel was OK. When I told them, there was a look of fright on their faces and tears in their eyes.

“The doctor told us that Nigel needed to be transferred by ambulance to Alicante General University Hospital where he would get specialist help.

“After the doctors had studied the scan they told me that Nigel a malignant brainstem tumour glioma.”

“I cried. I could not speak for the whole day.”

Nigel is currently getting radiotherapy every day for six weeks followed by a rest period.

Jackie said, “I have read about proton beam therapy and antineoplaston treatment in Houston, Texas and Quebec in Canada and we are currently waiting for them to get back to us with information and cost of treatment and the length of time there for those treatments.

€100,000 TREATMENT APPEAL: Ten-year-old Nigel Watson

“Nigel at the moment is quite happy and alert, as it was only diagnosed a few weeks ago.

“But he is aided with a wheelchair as he has double vision and unsteady on his feet and has lost the use in his left hand due to the tumour pressing on the nerves in the brainstem.”

Jackie has pleaded, “I am asking everybody to help me fundraise for my little boy.

“Do anything you can.

“My family and my hearts are breaking.

“Nigel is only ten. I need to get him some treatment to help him – maybe even prolong his life.

“Please – anything to help – a fiesta, coffee morning, raffle. Whatever you can do to save my little boy.”

An online fundraising page with a target of €100,000 has now been set up at

Friend Louise Haywood says, “If we all donate SOMETHING, even if it’s just the change we have in our pockets, maybe we can give this cheeky, lively, amazing little boy a chance.

“To the world he might just be a little boy but to his family and friends this little boy is the world.”

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