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Fines proposed for motorhomes that camp illegally in Costa Blanca

CARAVANS and motorhomes that have parked up illegally have had their day.

A by-law passed by the coalition governing council in Elche means that those vehicles that park in public spaces overnight will be fined €90.  Unless there are any legal objections from the public, the new rules will come into force later this month.

Elche Council has been aware of the problem for some time and have received a number of complaints from residents of the village of La Marina and surrounding areas.

It’s been a common sight for many years to see large numbers of caravans and motorhomes arriving in this particular part of the coast, with a number of ‘free’ parking areas close to the popular beach areas of La Marina and the neighbouring El Pinet.  On occasions, more than 50 such vehicles have been parked up overnight on the public roads.

Police presence in the area has been increased in an effort to control the illegal parking, but this by-law now supports the officers in their task so they can issue a specific fine in future.

As Councillor Hector Diez – responsible for roads and traffic – said, “You cannot park up and stay overnight in your caravan anywhere on the public highway.”

In addition to the issues of parking, local people have also denounced many of the campers for dumping waste and rubbish on the roads and in the nearby sand dunes.

The by-law also permits drivers of caravans to also be fined €90 if they are parked during the day in a way that is dangerous to other road users.

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