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Guardia Civil investigating child hanging

A TWELVE-YEAR-OLD boy has been found hanged in Murcia.

The youngster was discovered in the house where he lived with his family in a neighbourhood of Santa Barbara just after 9.30pm on Tuesday night.

The alarm was raised and paramedics first on the scene were initially able to revive the boy, but he eventually died at the Santa Lucia Hospital in Cartagena.

Officers from the Guardia Civil are now investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident and have taken statements from family members to try to clarify what happened.

The mayor of La Union, Pedro Lopez, spoke of the “shock” and the “surprise” that had swept the town after what had happened, especially given the age of the dead child.

Lopez went on to say that he didn’t personally know the family, as they lived in a part of the municipality where once everyone knew each other, but now has a number of families from North Africa “that tend to keep themselves to themselves.”

According to the Spanish media, the boy is from a large family with a number of brothers and sisters.

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