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ITV series Benidorm airs final episode this week

THE popular ITV series has finished. The final episode of series 11 due to air on Wednesday evening will be the last ever shown…or will it?

Back in March, stories in the UK media suggested that ITV hadn’t commissioned a new series and predictions of its demise were ridiculed by the show’s creator Derren Litten who took to Twitter to show his annoyance on the night of the first episode of the run that has just finished.

“Apparently The Sun are running a story tomorrow on how #Benidorm has been cancelled.  Don’t make me f*****g laugh (I enjoyed that story after series 6. And 7 and 8 and 9…).”

At the time, the Daily Express reported that an ITV spokesperson told them that “Series 10 is currently on air and no decisions have been made re a further series.”

And so it was no surprise to some and a shock to others when Litten again took to Twitter at the weekend to say: “Crazy to think Wednesday will be the last episode of Benidorm!  I created the series over 11 years ago, wrote it, guest starred in it and ended up directing it.  It’s difficult to think what else there is to do!  Thank you for watching!”

However, Litten’s post doesn’t actually say it will be the last EVER episode…so anything’s possible, although there have been no known casting calls for a new series that would’ve taken place in Benidorm by now and filming started on series 12.

There are suggestions in the UK media that Litten is working on a comedy series for the rival BBC, set in a karaoke bar in Scarborough.

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