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Man stabbed to death in drugs feud in southern Spain

A MAN has been sentenced to six years in jail for stabbing and killing a neighbour in a drugs related dispute.

The suspect allegedly visited the victim’s home in Estepona where an argument broke out and the detainee began attacking him with a large knife.

According to evidence heard in court, the defendant had found the knife on a side table and stabbed the victim seven times in the jaw, neck and abdomen.

After the man had died he was wrapped with the cover of a chair and dragged into the bathroom.

The assailant then reportedly went to the kitchen to wash the knife and try to clean the blood stains.

As the victim had activated the security alarm, the telephone rang and the suspect answered it, posed as the home owner, and said that it was an accident and there was nothing to worry about.

However, police called at the house and the defendant kept silent and waited for them to leave.

He then tied the hood of his sweatshirt over his face, left the house and stole the victim’s car, which was later set on fire.

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