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Marbella couple arrested over kidnap and theft of €3,000 claim

THE National Police have arrested a man and a woman in Marbella for kidnap, violence with a hammer, and the theft of €3,000.

The couple, aged 33 and 30 respectively, allegedly summoned the victim to a local house under the pretence of hiring a domestic worker.

On his arrival the unsuspecting man was set upon by three individuals (the third assailant is unidentified at present) and they forced him to hand over his credit card and pin number.

After six hours of being held in the house and beaten with a hammer, the man was released and went straight to a hospital.

He had suffered trauma and fractures, and had to stay in the hospital for several days to convalesce.

It was then that the victim discovered that €3,000 had been stolen from his account with the credit card.

The couple has been detained and investigations into their accomplice are ongoing.

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