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Outrage as heritage building in southern Spain tarnished with graffiti

A CONSERVATION group in defence of the Trapiche del Prado, a heritage building in Marbella, has criticised the council for neglection and inaction over graffiti.

The monument, which was built on the slopes of Sierra Blanca in 1644, is very important in the sugar history of the city and was first owned by Flemish merchants.

Members of the conservation group have written to both Marbella council and the Junta de Andalucia to decry the situation and urge action.

They would like the authorities to honour their “commitment to the project of perimeter fencing, cleaning, clearing and other safety work, as well as a study of the Trapiche del Prado to assess its deteriorating condition.”

The group also highlights three walls where graffiti and paintings have appeared on the south façade.

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One Reply to “Outrage as heritage building in southern Spain tarnished with graffiti

  1. As graffiti is now making the Spanish towns and cities ugly why can’t the authorities not apprehend the culprits and fine them extremely heavily (the damage they do must run into millions). The cheeky blighters even tag their own “artwork” Sakeo alone must be responsible for hundreds of thousands of euros in damage to property both private and public.

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