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Police seize 340 kilos of clams in Costa del Sol raids

A 340 kilogram haul of clams has been seized in a joint police raid in Marbella and Manilva.

The seafood was found in sports bags without any labelling, and hygiene standards required for the transportation of such goods were nowhere to be seen.

In the first swoop, the Guardia Civil surprised two individuals at dawn and intercepted 74 kilograms of clams from a vehicle near a private residence in Manilva.

The second raid came from a police inspection of a van in Marbella, where a full 266 kilograms of clams were found in the trunk, in undocumented sports bags.

No kind of refrigeration equipment was found in either vehicle to help preserve the seafood, and there was no information on its origins.

The capture, transport and sale of seafood without proper labelling and paperwork is illegal, and a breach of consumers’ rights to know the correct information about produce.

Both cases will be brought before the Territorial Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, of the Junta de Andalucia in Malaga.

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