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Residents complain of cold temperatures at Costa Blanca swimming pool

MORE than 100 people using one of Alicante’s municipal swimming pools have complained that the water was too cold.

As well as the pool temperature preventing them from enjoying their swimming, they also reported the poor condition of the showers, hairdryers and other facilities in general throughout the Babel pool.

Most of the users of the pool who signed the letter of complaint are elderly and have been more sensitive to the cold conditions.

They stated that “on countless occasions we have complained about the temperature of the pool, which makes swimming unpleasant.”

According to reports in the Spanish media, the official temperature for the indoor pool should be between 24ºC and 28ºC and that the figure is always on display inside the building.

A number of users of the pool have also questioned why the sauna and jacuzzi are also unused ‘without any explanation’ and are nothing other than store rooms, preventing them from being enjoyed as part of the entrance ticket.

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