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Sealed with a Kiss

OPENING this week at the British Museum is an exhibition by the French artist and sculptor Auguste Rodin.

He was much inspired in his art by a visit to the Museum in 1881 when he was captivated by the Parthenon sculptures.

On display during the exhibition over the coming weeks are the iconic Thinker and of course The Kiss.

Heavily promoted with most of the newspapers running with at least picture stories few are unaware of the show.

How many will be inspired to actually visit the British Museum and see Rodin’s statuary; in stone as it were, remains to be seen especially as also looming on the horizon is The Wedding.

On May 19, less than three weeks now, The Wedding of the Year; or as an alternative, The Royal Wedding, takes place at St George’s Chapel, Windsor between Prince Harry Wales and Ms Meghan Markle.

Also looming, of course, is the weather, tradition dictates that it rains on significant Royal days. At the very least a little and often a great deal more than a little!

Of course, there are exceptions, most recently on Saturday, April 21 Her Majesty celebrated her 92nd birthday in blazing sunshine with temperatures in the high twenties centigrade. This singular weather we all enjoyed and I suspect so did Her Majesty. Not forgetting that several years ago when celebrating Her Majesty’s Jubilee, it rained solidly and relentlessly throughout the day. The loyal crowds and tourists lining the River Thames as the Royal Party passed by on board the gilded barge ‘Gloriana’ was very loud and enormous.

So perhaps concerns as to the weather may be misplaced, though a staple of conversation. Expect crowds for The Wedding to turn out and for the TV stations of the world to turn out as well and in force to cover the happy event.

Indeed an American TV channel has rented at vast expense a private house placed on the wedding carriage procession route so that they may beam coverage throughout the special day and especially of the Royal couple as they pass by.

While day to day coverage in the media may be expected to ebb and surge as the day approaches. Rumours swirling around the cut and colour of The Dress as well as those fortunate souls who are attending and what they may be wearing will be covered in minute detail.

The key crucial moment will be not the Royal Procession, nor even the Wedding in the Chapel; though I have no doubt that I too shall be glued to the images beamed globally along with many millions of people.

No, the key moment will be when the world sees The Wedding Sealed with a Kiss.

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