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Strangled woman rescued in police drugs swoop in south of Spain

OFFICERS of Spain’s Guardia Civil have rescued a woman being strangled and arrested three members of an international drugs cartel.

As part of their “Orbaneja” operation, police had placed two semi-detached houses in Mijas under surveillance because several members of the criminal organisation lived there.

At one stage the Guardia Civil heard the screams of a woman from inside one of the houses, so they burst in to find her allegedly being strangled with a steel wire by one of the criminals.

The woman was found to have numerous bruises on her body with a deep wound in her neck due to the attack, and was unsurprisingly traumatised.

She had been in an on-off relationship with the assailant, but when she tried to finally end things with him he reacted with rage and violence.

The man was arrested for attempted murder, and though two other members of the drugs ring tried to flee the scene, they were soon apprehended.

Their narcotics operations had been based in the garage of one of the houses, and they hid the drugs in secret compartments underneath cars before transporting them across Europe.

During the raid police seized 313 kilos of hashish, €12,500 in cash and two cars.

The three detainees are all Polish and are awaiting a court summons to be charged with belonging to a criminal organisation and drugs trafficking (and one man with attempted murder).

Officers of the Judicial Police Team of the Guardia Civil of Mijas carried out the swoop.

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