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The earth won’t move for you!

ON Monday April 23 there WILL be a 6.5 magnitude earthquake in the Murcia area… and that WILL be followed by another 5.7 in Cartagena the following day.

But don’t panic, nobody will feel a thing.  These will be the two locations of emergency disaster simulations next week carried out by the Military Emergency Unit (UME) with the aid of 3,500 participants across the country.

The major exercises were confirmed earlier this week by the commander of the UME, Demetrio Barrachina, at the official presentation of the ‘Joint Combined Exercise 2018’ to be held between Murcia and Cartagena for a four-day period at the end of this month.

Barrachina stressed that there was no need for any alarm among the population, given the increase in the number of emergency services and military likely to be seen in the area throughout those days.  As this is a ‘level 3’ simulation that will include “surprise elements” for those involved, the exercise will test the ability to respond quickly and efficiently.

In addition to the Spanish Air Force, Army and Navy taking part, troops from the United States and France and a number of international observers will also be part of the operation that is hoped to prepare for every possible outcome after such a ‘disaster’.

The first earthquake will happen at 8.35am on Monday, which will launch a total of between 800 and 1,000 separate simulated incidents such as searches and rescues in schools, a collapse of a hospital, and resulting floods or landslides.

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