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Torremolinos sports centre in health cuts storm

MEMBERS of the Torremolinos Sports Centre have called for a rally in protest at the “dismantling” of the health facilities there.

The gathering is scheduled to take place tomorrow (April 26) in front of the town hall and those present will demand the re-hiring of physiotherapists after their numbers were reduced from fifteen to nine in recent months.

These patients are mostly neurological and psychiatric patients, receiving aquatic therapy and other treatments for cerebral palsy, stokes, autism.

The reduction of the workforce and facilities in this area is reportedly due to the emergence of several private clinics in the area.

As a result several pamphlets have recently been distributed that condemn the “unfair competition” taking place, and there has even been a threat of a lawsuit against the council.

Sources close to the council have said:

“The Sports Centre is for sports, not for treating the chronically ill. Rehabilitation sessions are not the responsibility of a local authority, especially given what they cost.”

The council also points out that most individual rehabilitation treatments in the centre have been carried out free of charge since 2006, angering other clinics.

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