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Animal rights group calls for end of donkey taxis in Mijas

ANIMAL RIGHTS activists have once again claimed Mijas’ donkey taxis are forced to work all hours of the day throughout the year ferrying tourists through the town.

PACMA said the animals were tied to ropes little more than 20 centimetres long which restricted their movement when resting.

The group added the way the donkeys were being treated was impacting their health, causing hoof and spine damage.

“They work 365 days a year and are never allowed to lie down to rest. During the night they sleep tied in small blocks of up to eight animals in 14 square metres while having no room to move or lie down,” the group said in a statement.

“During work hours they are tied, sometime for hours, to metal structures while waiting for potential customers. They have no freedom of movement and cannot meet their own physical needs,” they added.

PACMA claimed the treatment of the donkeys violated regional and national animal welfare rules.

They have called on Mijas Council to ‘rigorously’ enforce the law and to ban the use of donkeys for taxis in the town.

The group added attempts to meet with authorities in Mijas had been unsuccessful despite their protests against donkey taxis.

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