Armed robber flees Costa Blanca Burger King after a ‘whopper’ of a trick

THREE young lads that were about to join the queue in the Atalayas Burger King restaurant in Murcia tricked a thief into thinking the police had arrived at the scene as he tried to flee with an estimated €2,000.

The robber entered the establishment brandishing a knife and threatened one of the members of staff behind the counter who instantly handed over the money in the till.

However, at that moment three friends walked in, saw what was going on and immediately shouted “Stop! Police! Get to the ground.”

He fell for it since, according to witnesses, he became very nervous and dropped most of the money before running away, much to the amusement of many of the customers, especially when they realised that the sound of the police sirens they heard had also been made by one of the young men.

“We weren’t afraid once we realised what was going on,” said one of the heroic trio.

“We only went out to get a burger because we were bored. When we walked in to Burger King and saw the person behind the counter looking worried, we assumed he’d just had a bad day! Then we saw the other man wearing a mask, and it was at that point my friend began his siren sound.”

Police are looking for a man around 30 years old and believed to be of Moroccan nationality.

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