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Benalmadena boat companies facing choppy waters

BENALMADENA COUNCIL is forging ahead with plans to introduce tighter conditions for tourist boat operators in the marina.

The proposed changes have not been popular with the 17 boat companies that are in line to be affected, and they had called for the whole process to be suspended on the grounds that it was “abusive.”

Following permission from the Andalucian port authority, APPA, the council has put the contracts for excursions out to tender.

Boat companies will be required to pay 50 cents per passenger, plus 50 per cent more in berthing fees, an amount that will notably reduce their profit margins.

For its part, the council says that the operators have been paying no fee for years and that the law requires a regularisation of conditions.

The companies claim that the changes will endanger their business and put dozens of jobs at risk.

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