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Benidorm cycle service still unavailable

JUST over one month ago, the bicycle rental service in Benidorm was suspended.

Now, the service known as and operated by Bicidorm has no more bikes left to use and nobody knows when they are likely to be replaced.

Both regular and new users of the public bicycle service have taken to walking around the city in an attempt to find one of bikes to use as all the usual locations are empty.

The company running the service with the concession until October has said it’s trying to obtain a further 200 bicycles.

Bicidorm originally stated that the service would be reactivated by around April 20 but failed to materialise.

Now May has arrived, the City Council has written to the company asking why the service has been stopped and what plans they have to reactivate the popular service.

According to a report in the Spanish media, the company say it will be making a further evaluation of the scheme and the future financial investment needed.

Thus, the closure of the Bicidorm service will continue for a few more weeks. Without specifying when, Bicidorm said their objective is to replace the current rental lock-up points, as well as renewing and expanding the fleet of cycles.

A major spoke in the wheel to the way forward is with the concession due to be awarded in less than six months, would the company be prepared to invest further sums of money for the remaining period of the concession with the possibility of losing it?

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