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Benidorm hotels fear Brits will opt for Turkey this summer instead

THE number of British tourists coming to stay in Benidorm’s hotels this summer is going to be closely monitored.

This follows on from the figures from August last year when the tourist capital sold 25,000 fewer rooms to the British than in 2016, and the fact that there has already been a 5 per cent drop for the first two weeks of May.

Among the explanations for this reduction are more British holidaymakers choosing to return to countries such as Tunisia, Turkey or Egypt following the past few years of political and terrorist issues. That market, according to hotel association HOSBEC, is growing by up to 80 per cent.

Another cause could be in the increase in the ‘underground economy’ that sees more tourists staying in privately offered accommodation booked via the internet and charging prices that the hotels cannot compete with.

There are also fewer cheap flights available to Alicante-Elche Airport, which takes into account the folding of Monarch which carried 20 per cent of the British market.

Despite all the negative data, British tourists still make up close to 50 per cent of the number of people staying in Benidorm.

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2 Replies to “Benidorm hotels fear Brits will opt for Turkey this summer instead

  1. I have been going out to Benidorm a couple of times a year for 20 years, and sometimes for 4 weeks even in high season. This year I just can’t afford the flights, which have doubled since Monarch went. Also the hotels have greatly increased in price. A lot of it I blame on that stupid Benidorm TV programme too.

  2. I quite like Turkey but few of us can forget the intense competition between restaurants for dining clients. I have seen these turn into public brawls. An evening stroll was completely ruined by the need to avoid being physically pulled into a restaurant. And, it wasn’t that cheapo compared to Spain. Also, a Liverpool to Bodrum flight was 4 hours followed by a dawn airport run nearly as long. We needed a holiday to recover.

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