Costa Blanca ‘missing children’ help in drone request

DRONING ON: Alicante Firefighters explain their case. Photo Credit: @ bomberosalic

FIREFIGHTERS based in Alicante have formally asked to be able to used drone technology to help them in their increasingly diverse tasks… and not just in fighting fires.

The request for two drones follows an exercise that took part to the north of the city at the weekend in the presence of the councillor responsible for security, Jose Ramon Gonzalez.

A total of 21 members of the Alicante Fire Service, helped by three volunteers, carried out a search for two children that had been ‘missing’ for more than an hour from a summer camp in the middle of the country.

Following a search of several farms, ravines, water-wells and forested areas in the vicinity, specially trained sniffer dogs found one of those who had disappeared.  They then called for some aerial help from a drone that was used to inspect the more inaccessible areas, and eventually find the other missing person.

Councillor Gonzalez undertook to study the request for drones in the future, which would need cooperation from the police who already use them in certain aspects of their work and to prevent interferences on their frequencies.

The six-propeller drones can fly up to 50 metres high and at a top speed of 45kph.

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