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Costa Blanca residents living with squatters say it’s a ‘nightmare’

A COMMUNITY of owners living in Campello has complained about the general state of a local building caused by a number of squatters.

The building is alleged to be full of accumulated rubbish which has attracted a plague of rats in recent times.

Since 2015, residents of Vicario Samuel Riquelme have been living what they describe as a ‘nightmare’ due to the health and safety issues at a house on the corner of Calle Fray Juan Tensa in the centre of Campello.

According to a report in the Spanish media, locals say the amount of rubbish that has built up is ‘brutal’ and a danger to public health.

This has been confirmed by the town council who say that the judicial process has begun in order to expel the squatters.

A recent anti-drug raid undertaken by the Guardia Civil showed just how much rubbish had built up both inside and outside the property.

A significant amount was also found in the swimming pool, which looks more like a landfill site full of bottles.

In making their formal complaint to the Campello Town Council, the residents state the squatters continually gather in large groups on the pavements, shouting, singing and playing loud music at all hours, as well as throwing rubbish directly from their balcony.

It is also alleged that the children in the house, as well as going around ringing doorbells at all hours of the day and night, are responsible for graffiti and other damage to nearby buildings and cars.

Many of the neighbours live in fear and don’t dare to confront them due to potential reprisals; a number of the older residents are also afraid to go out into their own street late at night.

Campello Town Council say that it has opened a file on the problem and has asked the owners of the property to take charge of the situation.

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