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Costa del Sol ex-mayor claims his plans beach plans were ignored

MIJAS’S Popular Party (PP) leader Angel Nozal is pushing for investment to stabilise the town’s beaches whose erosion is reportedly placing sea-front properties at risk.

Nozal – who is running to be mayor in 2019 – expressed his concerns in a centre-right PP press release.

He wants an €80,000 prevention plan, he studied while serving as the mayor in 2014, to be acted on urgently.

“The most urgent case is the Almirante building, in Alhamar,” the ex-mayor said.

“Sea water crashes on the property’s walls during storms and on normal days, there is hardly any sand.

“It is one of Mijas’s main problems and I cannot see the tripartite government worrying very much about the matter,” the PP leader added.

While serving as mayor in 2014 he ordered a diagnostic study to get to the root of the erosion problem and to devise possible solutions.

The report identified the cause of erosion at Calahonda and El Bombo beaches, according to the statement. Among the remedies suggested were digging out a 150-metre long ditch at the first location and constructing and installing groynes at the second.

The document’s conclusions were approved by the national government’s coastal demarcation body, despite environmental concerns, the press release said.

But opposing political parties have reportedly resisted the plans on three occasions, instead opting to spend on “festival lights, mayoral publicity and vehicles,” Nozal said.

But none of the quoted €65 million in spending went to improve coastal infrastructure, he added.

The state of the coast will be one of the ex-mayor’s campaigning points in next year’s mayoral elections.

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