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Council to tighten up motorhome ‘camping’ laws in Costa Blanca

CALPE is the latest in a growing number of municipalities that are seeking to control caravans and motorhomes that park up and camp in the area.

At a council meeting held last Friday the aim was to modify the by-law to regulate where and between what hours such vehicles can use the public roads, a problem for many local residents that has been a major concern for some time.

While accepting this form of ‘mobile’ tourism is increasing across Europe, the proposal will allow the parking of motorhomes or similar vehicles on public roads – or adjacent spaces – between 9am and 9pm in the summer, and from 9am to 8pm throughout the rest of the year.  This means that they will now only be able to stay overnight in the official sites and nowhere else.

According to a report in the Spanish media, motorhomes and caravans are classed as actually ‘camping’ on the public roads when any part of the vehicle has contact with the ground apart from the wheels (such as stabilisers).

In addition, when space is occupied around the vehicle such as temporary awnings, tables and chairs.  Any infringement could result in a fine or even having the vehicle removed.

The ultimate ambition is to promote this type of tourism in the area but in the right and proper places.

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