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Costa Blanca drug dog earns its treat

THE Canine Unit of the Local Police in Alicante has arrested a passenger in the Alicante bus station found in possession of a significant amount of hashish.

Around 100 bulbs of the drug were found in a suitcase belonging to a 59-year-old Spanish woman travelling on one of the longest bus routes in Spain between Algeciras and Barcelona.

The stash was found during a routine check by one of the unit’s dogs, Xena, when the bus stopped for a short while.  The dog was given access to the luggage hold of the bus as part of a regular series of checks carried out at the station to prevent drug trafficking, its consumption and its possession.

One particular suitcase caught the dog’s attention and its owner was quickly identified.

The drugs were already wrapped up and sealed in three separate packages, each containing a number of smaller portions of the hashish that were subsequently confiscated.

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