‘Envious’ cop jailed for rat poison murder attempt on female boss in Spain

RAT POISON COP: Jailed for 22 years for attempted murder. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

A GUARDIA CIVIL police officer has been sentenced to 22 years in prison for attempting to poison a female colleague and her family on the Costa Blanca.

The jealous cop had tried to poison the woman, his superior in the force, her husband and three-year-old son by putting rat poison and insecticide on their food.

He possessed a key to the apartment and, prior to the poisoning attempt, had stolen items from her home that was located in the same barracks in Alicante.

The woman’s passport, car and garage keys and some photographs went missing initially.

Later, a sex toy and panties disappeared – as well a pendrive with that contained material of a ‘sexual nature’ between the woman and her husband.

A hidden camera was placed in her home and, on June 3, 2016, it recorded the man entering the home and poisoning the family’s food.

The officer was arrested and investigations into his motives began.

Police found a file on his computer that said, “Well, it was time to see if I really have the courage to do it, I have planned it many times (at least in my thinking), but one thing is to think about it and another dare to do it and do it, of course.

“I think I’m too cowardly to do it, but I need it, I’m constantly in my life because of her fault, meanwhile, she seems to be immensely happy and I cannot stand it, she does not let me sleep at night. Envy corrodes me, and it drowns me, if I do not do it, I think I’ll burst. ”

The Superior Court of Justice in Valencia recently ratified the judgment of the Audiencia of Alicante, which had originally handed down the 22-year sentence for the attempted murder of a co-worker and her family.

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