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Ferry service from Cartagena to Balearic Islands ‘closer to reality’

A FERRY service between Cartagena and the Balearic Islands is becoming closer to being a reality.

This follows the unanimous approval of a motion from the Partido Popular (PP) in the Murcia Regional Assembly that asks central government to establish a regular route between the two points.

The aim is to look at attracting more tourists and visitors from throughout southern Spain that may have never considered going to the islands… and vice-versa.

It would also open up a sea route for cargo and goods to and from Cartagena, which is the fourth busiest port in Spain.

PP Deputy Miguel Cascales stress that any future connection would “strengthen” both the commercial and tourist activity of Cartagena and contribute to the “continued growth” of freight traffic that would also attract businesses from bordering regions such as Andalucia.

“The Murcia Region, and the port of Cartagena in particular, would be the gateway for all those tourists keen on travelling to the Balearic Islands,” added Cascales.

The islands currently have regular sea connections with Barcelona, Denia and Valencia.

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