Foreign aid an international swindle

AMIDST savage cuts in Britain’s social services South African President Cyril Ramaphosa returns from his visit to London having trousered £50 million in foreign aid.

South Africa recently passed laws that allow the state seizure of legally held white-owned assets.

No wonder people, who should be paying an interest in politics, avoid the topic even whilst their pockets are plundered; they are bewildered by what is done in their name.

Perception is that foreign aid is an act of charity towards nations less fortunate than our own. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Foreign aid is the elite’s use of taxpayers’ money to enrich themselves; it is a money laundering swindle legitimised by the perpetrators.

The reason Africans are poorer today than they were in 1960 is because fictional aid is a bribe, an inducement, blackmail.

It is the imposition of dependence, an accessory to looting a country’s natural assets.

The countries most hooked on providing foreign aid just happen to be running the biggest debts in the history of mankind.

The United States tops the list yet its national debt for the first time has topped $21 trillion.

Why is the world’s most indebted war-economy nation with eye-watering unemployment, poverty, suicides, collapsing infrastructure, civil unrest, disastrous health and education services, etc seemingly the most generous giver?

Britain is drastically cutting welfare, pensions, education, social services. It is a country where merely to step into the streets reveals grinding poverty and misery, social deprivation, inequality, yet the UK is responsible for £1 in every £8 spent in global ‘aid’.

This year the UK increases its already bloated foreign aid budget by £14 billion. If that worries you then best not to remember that six-seventh’s of the aid iceberg are unseen.

Other clues to look for include overseas development, debt relief, military aid, economic development assistance, disaster assistance relief and suchlike.

What most people believe to be charity is investment by the elite with the obligation to return investment in manufacturing and corporate services in which they hold substantial shares.

It also secures access to natural resources in which the elite have an interest. Foreign aid greases the palms of arms-buying oligarchs and opens doors to natural resources in which the elite invest.

In effect, politicians use your money to invest in lucrative ventures including the arms trade.

This is why 77.7 per cent of parliamentarians are millionaires, many are multi-millionaires in a country where only 0.07 per cent of the population have assets exceeding £1 million.

Duplicitous parliamentarians occasionally protest but then like pigs to the trough they do whatever is necessary to enrich themselves by perpetuating poverty.

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