MAN-O-WAR WARNINGS: Costa Blanca town relaxes red flags

STINGERS: Twenty of the dangerous jellyfish found in La Mata ©Wikimedia

TORREVIEJA City Council has formally declared the La Mata beach open again after the recent spate of dangerous Portuguese Man-O-War jellyfish had invaded the area.

The red flag had been kept flying since May 19 when they were first identified, and since then more than 20 of the stinging visitors have been reported.

The ban included swimming in the entire two kilometre stretch of beach along La Mata, and followed a series of other restrictions along the area that included Alicante and nearby Guardamar del Segura.

Along the remaining beaches under the control of Torrevieja, yellow flags have been kept flying purely as a precaution, alongside a special flag to make people aware of the possibility of the presence of other jellyfish.

It appears that the recent batch of this species of jellyfish reached the Mediterranean from the Atlantic Ocean through the Straits of Gibraltar, and then taken by the strong currents towards the Costa Blanca.

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