New swimming pool for city will make a splash

POOLING IDEAS: Mayor Muñoz met with sports clubs to discuss the plans. Photo Credit: Ayuntamiento de Marbella

MARBELLA COUNCIL is to initiate plans for a new indoor 50 metre swimming pool in the Guadaiza area.

The move is aimed at addressing the growing needs of sports clubs in the city, particularly in relation to swimming, water polo and triathlon races.

In order for the project to go ahead, there will need to be an amendment to the council’s General Urban plan, and the proposal will be taken to the next plenary meeting for approval.

A recent meeting took place between Mayor Angeles Muñoz and various sports clubs in the city, where the location of the venue and the administrative process going forward were agreed.

Mayor Muñoz said: “The construction of this pool means that the demands of our city’s sports clubs will be met.

“We want a commitment from all political parties in the council to guarantee the realisation of this project, and to get it underway immediately.”

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