Out of the mouths of babes and cats

RECENTLY I overheard a gentleman mouthing off in the cafe, about stray and feral cats and how they should be treated as vermin.

Had it not been for the fact that I am a pacifist, I would have taken him to task and given him a good slapping.

Well alright, he was six foot six, built like Stonehenge and had muscles on his earwax, and that I admit helped keep my temper in check.

Woody and I were watching the News at Ten last night (Woody is one of our two rescued felines) and a segment on the Brexit negotiations seemed to catch his close attention.

“These are complex matters”, pontificated the self-important Monsieur Barnier, prompting a nod of agreement from David Davis, his grinning face resembling an overripe Cheddar cheese.

At which point Woody turned to me with a puzzled look and asked: “What’s complex about it? Why can’t you all just, you know, trade together freely?”

He didn’t actually say that, but if he could have, he would. Woody is a clever cat. You may be wondering what this has to do with strays and vermin, but I’ll get to it.

And Woody was absolutely right. When you get right down to it the only thing stopping everyone in Europe, and the world for that matter, trading happily together and getting along swimmingly, is us.

The so-called complex world in which we live has only been made that way by our own inability to co-exist peacefully and contentedly, and the underlying reason for that is the insidious presence of vested interests.

And those vested interests, when distilled right down to their very basic elements, are religion, money and the pursuit of power.

“I read in one of your magazines”, Woody went on to tell me: “It has been calculated that if the world’s resources were pooled together, there would be no hunger, no drought, no energy shortages and almost certainly no disease.”

Woody is also an avid reader. We live alongside natural disasters such as earthquakes, flooding and tornados, but nothing that nature throws at us compares with the savagery and selfish brutality born out of greed, that we Homo sapiens have inflicted on Mother Earth and each other.

Life could be so very simple and fear-free if we just took the time to look around and fully appreciate the bountiful world that we inhabit.

And if I see Kong from the cafe again, I will point out to him in my best manly voice, that the most malevolent vermin on planet Earth is humankind – not furry liddle puddy cats.

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  1. I have often heard complaints in my area of Torrevieja, adjacent to the laguna rosa. Why won’t the council “get rid” of the stray and feral cats? I can only suppose that they would prefer a rat infestation!

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