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Robert De Niro gives Nobu Marbella official opening the Hollywood glitz

THE Nobu Marbella hotel may have opened its doors to the public in mid-March, but the official opening of this latest venue of the exclusive franchise takes place on May 16, and it will not be a quiet affair.

All Nobu’s big names will be there: the owner and executive chef Nobu Matsuhisha; co-founder and Hollywood megastar Robert De Niro; Film Director Meir Teper; and Chief Executive Trevor Horwell.

The flourish of Japanese culture which characterises the brand will be in evidence, including the now traditional sake ceremony which inaugurates every Nobu restaurant.

This will involve filling a barrel with special Nobu rice wine, before the owners then break the lid with wooden mallets.

The sake is then offered to all attendees, who are invited to celebrate a toast as a sign of good luck, and then a party on a Hollywood scale begins.

It has always been the aim of Nobu to revolutionise the hotel industry, focusing on the seamless integration of its restaurants.

Each hotel has its own identity and design, reflecting the character of each location.

Nobu Marbella is based in the Puente Romano hotel, while the Nobu empire itself owns 30 establishments on five continents.

Acclaimed chef Nobu Matsuhisa opened his first American restaurant in Beverly Hills, in 1987.

His resounding success led to him meeting with Robert De Niro and Meir Teper, who teamed up and have been co-owners since 1994.

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