RTN joins Royal Wedding celebrations in Madrid

THE British Embassy in Spain joined in the celebration of the Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Ms Meghan Markle by hosting a party in the residence of the British Ambassador to Spain Simon Manley.

The EWN Media Group owners Michel and Steven Euesden had been invited but decided that it would be more appropriate for them to host a party for expatriate residents of the Costa del Sol, so long-serving staff writer John Smith who was also on the guest list and has recently become more involved with RTN newspaper travelled to Madrid to attend the British Embassy Royal Wedding party on the Group’s behalf.

Accompanied by his wife Ophelia who is Gibraltarian and spent more than 30 years working in British media as well as being a former presenter on Gibraltar TV, they were delighted to be part of this patriotic gathering of British residents in Spain.

Through the award of a diploma, the Ambassador acknowledged the invaluable work of community organisations throughout Spain who do so much for Britain and picked out for recognition were established news outlets such as the EWN Media Group (parent of RTN), Costa Blanca News, and SUR in English and this newspaper wishes to add its congratulations to these worthy peers.

The Ambassador Simon Manley was ever present making sure that he chatted with all of his guests and John was able to spend some time talking to him about the video recording sent to British communities around Spain which had been inspired by the EWN Media Group wedding party.

His daughter bravely sang the opening chorus of God Save the Queen to much applause and the Ambassador said “This wonderful event today illustrates the enormous breadth and depth of the contributions made by British people working with our local partners in almost every corner of Spain.

“For example, we have community groups that work with the elderly and the unwell, the Royal British Legion, church groups, community groups, British schools representing the 55,000 children who study in British schools across Spain, and of course, our local partners, from town halls and our Honorary Consuls.

“It has been an honour to meet such a huge range of inspirational people today, and celebrate this Royal Wedding together.” All who left the event to travel back to their homes across Spain were clearly proud to be British on that special day.

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