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Surly cabbie leaves blind passenger in tears in Costa Blanca

A WOMAN denounced a taxi driver who wanted her guide dog to travel in the boot of his cab.

Concepcion, who is 69 years old and lost her sight seven years ago, explained that she lives in an outlying urbanisation and after visiting the town recently, she rang for a taxi to return home.

When the San Vicnete taxi driver arrived he told Concepcion that her guide dog, Wuira had to go in the boot.

“The law says that guide dogs may travel beside their owner on all public transport” the woman told him, but the adamant cabbie refused to allow Wuira to sit in the back with her.

By then passers-by were stopping to see what was happening, which made the driver even surlier.

Leaving Concepcion in tears, he drove off and she rang for another taxi whose driver took her and Wuira home without any problem.

After deliberating for several days, Concepcion decided to lodge a formal complaint as it was not the first time this had happened.

“It makes me very said to witness how some taxi-drivers’ lack of humanity makes my life – which isn’t easy – even more complicated,” she said.

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