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The Season begins again…

EACH year the London Season began with Debutantes being presented to the Sovereign, a 200-year-old tradition that ended in 1958.

Debutantes were marriageable young women of aristocratic lineage and wealth. Mothers of ‘Debs’ launched their daughters on to an exclusive social season.

A summer of exclusive social occasions where the aristocracy met each other and mothers plotted the marriages of their daughters to eligible young men.

In more democratic times this exclusive and excluding season lost its meaning and rather than fade away was abolished by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, lacking her authority the Debutante’s Season evaporated.

Coincidentally a Spanish fishing village was discovered and became a mecca for the young and vivacious – Torremolinos.

As the 1960’s dawned aristocratic English visitors to Morocco their pals and followers looked across the sea from north Africa ventured into Spain and the rest, as they say, is history.

As Easter recedes behind us and Whit Sunday beckons the streets, cafes and restaurants of the Costa gently swell with visitors from cooler climes seeking warmth, entertainment and a Spanish ambiance.

Meanwhile, back in London the Season also begins.

As spring at long last really takes hold the cricket season starts with the usual heavy downpour and tea.

English gardeners and allotment holders look towards the Chelsea embankment and the Royal Hospital, where the Royal Horticultural Society is hosted by the Military Inmates of the hospital.

The Chelsea Flower Show confirms that peak hay fever season is also upon us.

The importance of the Chelsea Flower Show to the social calendar is underlined by Royal visits by many of the Royal Family led by Her Majesty. Though this year the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry to Miss Meghan Markle precedes the gardening extravaganza by mere days.

The wedding will provide a global platform for fashionistas to display and an opportunity for the great and the good to parade. Though this wedding will deliberately have fewer of the Great attending.

For others it’s the Army & Navy rugby match at Twickenham over the May Bank holiday weekend that will mark the start of the Season.

Probably 100,000 will arrive in and around Twickenham the HQ of rugby to cheer on their side as well as to meet and greet each other.

By June, polo is on the social calendar as is the Epsom Derby and horse racing.

Up and down the country winter and April showers are behind us.

The Merry Month of May is marked by optimism tinged with a touch of caution.

By all means enjoy a sunny picnic but bring a brolly!

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