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Time to hablar more Spanish

FOLLOWING a Facebook posting last week from Spanish actor Ricardo Gomez that he’d allegedly been thrown out of a bar in Benidorm “just for being Spanish”, a group of British businesspeople will be promoting the use of the Spanish language in their pubs and shops.

The actor was on holiday in the tourist hotspot and even made a joke of the situation saying that it could be the basis of a comedy script!

Some days later, a woman also said on social media that she’d suffered a similar fate in a well-known British pub located in the “English area”.

Both owners of the pubs concerned denied the alleged incidents of discrimination.

However, the “incidents” have reopened the debate as to whether some areas of Benidorm are exclusive to the British, something that all concerned have rubbished, although they are the first to agree that ignorance of the Spanish language can sometimes generate misunderstandings.

According to a report in the Spanish media, the President of the Association of British Businessmen (BBBA) Karen Cowles, showed surprise at this type of behaviour saying that for many years she had never known any incidents of discrimination.

In fact, most of the members of the BBBA are based in the location in question and insist that the British customers “love to interact with other nationalities.”

In order to avoid this happening in the future and to encourage further integration, the BBBA has announced that it will offer free classes in Spanish to help in business situations.

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