Watch out! Don’t be an illegal dumper

FINE: Illegal dumpers will be taken to task. Photo Credit: Ayuntamiento de Javea

JAVEA’S Environment Department will be hiring a special ‘vigilante’ to monitor the points within the municipality where people are permitted to dump their garden waste.

The purpose is to stop the increasing number of occasions where people are discarding such rubbish and causing local eyesores in the process.

The monitor will make a number of surprise and unannounced visits to the 20 ‘green’ collection points distributed throughout Javea in an attempt to catch offenders in the act of dumping, especially those that continually offend.

The municipality is the first to admit that the selfish and uncivil behaviour of a few, damage the look of the area for everyone and equally results in extra costs that need to be borne from the public purse.

The situation is particularly frustrating given that Javea is one of the areas with the largest number of dedicated areas to dump green waste, as well as an organised schedule of door-to-door collection services for all different kinds of rubbish.

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