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5 Cool Careers To Explore In Spain

Spain is a great place to live and work, whatever your skill set or professional leanings. So whether you’re looking for a career change, or just starting out in the world of work, here are five job options that will let you make the most of all that this country has to offer.

Fashion Buyer

If you’ve got a passion for fashion, then a job as a buyer for a big retailer is a good choice. And since Spain is home to many major brands, there are plenty of opportunities available, if you’ve got the right experience and qualifications.

High street giant Zara is a Spanish company, so is often on the lookout for talented graduates as well as people who have a few years’ worth of work in this booming industry under their belts. With offices in the city of A Coruna, and an opportunity to travel with the job, a fashion buyer will have fun across the continent.

SEO Marketer

Lots of innovative, internet-focused businesses are based in Spain. And if you want to settle down in the buzzing capital of Barcelona, then there are lots of opportunities if your skills lie in search engine optimisation.

For example, you could work for up and coming online casino company Casumo, which has grown rapidly since opening its doors in 2012.

Wondering what it’s like to work at Casumo as an SEO marketer? The offices are located just a short walk from the stunning beach at Marbella, and the vibe is very relaxed and creative.

English Teacher

Becoming a teacher is one of the best ways to travel the world, as you can use your existing language skills and get jobs in many places via the British Council, including Spain.

This is a great option for people of all ages who want to move somewhere new, get some amazing experiences and also earn money while they are at it. And with plenty of demand for teachers and teaching assistants in Spain, it’s perfect for people who are either still studying at university, or are beginning a career in education.

Surf Instructor

Have you spent your formative years catching waves off the coast of your home country? Then you can put these hours of effort to good use by becoming a surf instructor in Spain.

There are many Spanish resort towns and cities which require surf instructors to help holidaymakers and locals alike get the hang of hanging ten. And while initial postings will be seasonal, as you work your way up the ladder there will be opportunities for progression and the chance to ply your trade in many different places.

Finance Worker

Spain has a flourishing financial sector and there are lots of companies which employ candidates from overseas, as well as seeking out local talent. Even with a bit of instability in the market, it remains a top destination for those who are committed to the business of making money.

Working in finance is obviously something that requires a relevant degree and the right training, but some firms will allow applicants to learn on the job. And plus you’ll get to live in some very cool cities, while having access to the kind of cultural highlights and nightlife hot spots that millions of tourists flock to visit each year.

There are hundreds of other jobs and careers you can pursue if you want to work in Spain, so the best advice is to think about what you love to do and see if there is a role that suits your interests, rather than forcing yourself into a specific mould.

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