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Man arrested… three times in four days

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POLICE in Spain have arrested a man for three alleged offences in just four days.

The victim has already reported the detained man some days earlier for alleged gender violence after threats were made via telephone and a protection order had been put into effect.

The man was arrested on the third occasion after a mutual friend saw his threats on the social media portal and reported them to the National Police.

As the investigations got underway, it appeared that the man posting could be in the Canary Islands has the account holder listed as staying on Gran Canaria.  However, combining information received and making more detailed checks on the suspect they discovered that he was living in Elche.

The police’s first concern was to protect the woman and so went to her home to check all was well.  Shortly after, the man was traced and arrested in a hostel in Elche where they also found computers that were allegedly used to issue the threats and contained a number of different social media profiles the man used.

The first arrest was in connection with the telephone threats, the second for an unrelated legal issue, and the third after the public threats on Facebook to kill his ex-girlfriend.

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